Welcome to Killer Harmony! This is the place for college and career advice specifically aimed for creative young people. Killer Harmony started as a blog, and it is in the process of going from blog to business. Some plans for the near future include the release of inspirational quotes for print or use on your digital devices, eBooks full of advice for creatives just like you and services to help you build your career!

I started Killer Harmony back when I was a freshman in college, three years ago! Holy wowza! Now, I’m a senior, and I am starting to work on building a career out of this lovely blog. I still post new blogs each week, and I have no intentions of stopping. I want the blog to be a free resource for all to come to and read whenever.

More Information

Killer Harmony is for you if you:

  • Want to increase your productivity in school and in life
  • Are curious about pursuing a career in a creative industry
  • Love reading about how to improve yourself and your life as a young person
  • Are a creative person with big dreams

Killer Harmony is not for you if you:

  • Already know how to be productive and organized
  • Do not want to learn about careers for creative people
  • Feel as if you have nothing to improve upon in your life
  • Are more interested in a traditional job rather than a crazy cool life

Products & services

I have a store on Etsy where I sell digital downloads such as printable quotes. In the future, I will be adding digital wallpapers, planning pages and more.

I am still in the development phase when it comes to services, but I plan to offer services that I already do for my own blog and business. Some services will include custom blog & social media graphics, social media scheduling, writing, editing/proofreading and more.

I hope you join the Killer Harmony family and start your journey to a killer life full of creativity and harmony!


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